IPHRC Presents at the 7th International Symposium in Saskatoon

Last week, IPHRC Director Jo-Ann Episkenew presented at the 7th International Symposium: Safety & Health in Agricultural & Rural Populations (SHARP) in Saskatoon along with IPHRC Associate Director, Cassandra Wajuntah, and soon-to-be Postdoctoral Fellow, Tarun Katapally.They presented on the First Nations Respiratory Health Project, which is in partnership with Beardy’s &...
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Catching Up With Our Graduate Students: Maya Basdeo

What does IPHRC’s financial and other support mean to you?It has been an absolute lifesaver for me. In my last year, I received an IPHRC graduate scholarship and that was what I lived on to finish up my Master’s research. In addition to the scholarship, IPHRC has provided financial support to travel to a conference in Vancouver where I made a platform presentation. There was also a...
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