In the spring of 2004, the Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health (IAPH) called for input from the Aboriginal Capacity and Developmental Research Environment (ACADRE) centres in the form of literature reviews and projects that might glean information about ethics from Aboriginal communities. IPHRC responded to the call and undertook to explore the issue of Aboriginal health research ethics through a three-fold project: a literature review, a legal issues review, and a series of dialogues with the Elders in Saskatchewan.

The literature review summary highlights the findings and recommendations from the recently released The Ethics of Research with Indigenous Peoples authored by IPHRC. The legal review is intended to explore potential and emerging legal issues that arise as a result of the assertion of Indigenous ethics and culturally relevant and ethical research practices and procedures. The Elders’ dialogues summaries presented in narrative form are intended to represent the voice of the Elders in Saskatchewan on issues pertaining to community focused research and the ethics thereof.