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Wendy Whitebear is a member of the White Bear First Nation. The majority of her work and volunteer activities has been focused on the betterment of First Nations communities, people, and youth. Whitebear developed and implemented programs and initiatives that pertain to the wellness, personal development, career and financial planning for First Nations people, community organizations and the Private Sector. She is currently the Chair of the Aboriginal Advisory Circle to the President, Co-Chair for the U of R United Way Campaign, is on the Executive for CUPE 5791 and represents them on the Equity/Diversity Committee and the Pension and Benefits Committee.

What is your role at IPHRC?

I am a Research Coordinator and I have been working here over a year under the supervision of our Director, Jo-Ann Episkenew. I’m basically the office manager and along with my other responsibilities I take care of the budgets for all the different research projects we work on.

What are you learning in your time at IPHRC?

I’ve learned to be more adaptable based on the work that we do. Our research is always evolving and I have to evolve with it. Although I work with a multi-faceted group of people, we all share the same goals and objectives in accomplishing the work that we need to do. Everyone has their own specific skill set but once it’s all put together, we have an amazing team. As a result, I’ve learned to balance everyone’s priorities so we function more efficiently.

What are your career goals? 

My career goal is mostly with IPHRC, I want to progress with IPHRC no matter which direction we take.  I want to grow with it because I’m dedicated to IPHRC and the research that we do. I’m the only IPHRC staff that works directly for IPHRC as the majority of our staff work on different research projects.  I do everything in my power to let everyone know about IPHRC, and what our priorities, goals and objectives are as I am very proud of our team and the work that we do. As IPHRC evolves, I will evolve with it.

Anything else you would like to add?

I love working at IPHRC, we have a remarkable group of people. Everybody is always working towards the same goals, objectives and the common good for our youth and our communities. Our work environment is incredible. Even though we have fun, we are very serious about the work that we do. I love that kind of environment. No matter what kind of day you are having, everybody works together and we work together solve problems. We’re very adaptable, very flexible, it’s an awesome place to work and we have an awesome sense of humor! We have such an astonishing team. 

For more information on Wendy's work at IPHRC, please contact: 

Jeanelle Mandes
IPHRC Research Assistant - KT & Communications
(306) 337-2437