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Kaitlyn grew up in Big Beaver, Saskatchewan and she attended Coronach High School in Coronach, Saskatchewan.  Kaitlyn is currently attending the University of Regina and SIAST for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing.  When she completes the program, she plans to become a Registered Nurse. Kaitlyn joined IPHRC in January of 2014 as a Research Assistant where she helps to organize data from the various workshops and programs put on for the youth in File Hills Qu’Appelle communities. Kaitlyn also works as a Healthy Choices Day Camp co-ordinator for FHQ Health Services, and also as a Special Care Aide at the Balcarres integrated Care Center.  Kaitlyn hopes to one day complete her Masters in Nursing Education, where she hopes to bring more cultural sensitivity and awareness to future nurses. 

What are you studying as a student?

I am in my undergraduate at the University of Regina for Nursing in my third year.

What is your role here at IPHRC?

I’m a research assistant, I help with data management and I’m also a file keeper. I’ve been working at IPHRC since January 2014.

What are you learning in your time at IPHRC?

Since I’m in Nursing, I try to learn about cultural awareness and health aspects of First Nations peoples. It’s a goal of mine to get my Master’s in Nursing education and so I think it’d be really important to pass this information onto my students so we can provide culturally competent care.

What are your career goals? 

First of all, to finish my Bachelor’s Degree. Maybe my Master’s in Nursing Education.

Is there anything else you would like to add? 

I really like the environment and the relationships that we form working together at IPHRC. We’re a great team and we have lots of fun and lots of laughs. And it has been a really wonderful and enjoyable experience. 

For more information about Kaitlyn's work at IPHRC, please contact: 

Jeanelle Mandes
IPHRC Research Assistant - KT & Communications
(306) 337-2437