Last week, IPHRC Director Jo-Ann Episkenew presented at the 7th International Symposium: Safety & Health in Agricultural & Rural Populations (SHARP) in Saskatoon along with IPHRC Associate Director, Cassandra Wajuntah, and soon-to-be Postdoctoral Fellow, Tarun Katapally.

roundtable 3.jpgThey presented on the First Nations Respiratory Health Project, which is in partnership with Beardy’s & Okemasis First Nation and Montreal Lake Cree Nation.

The symposium was about “capturing the impact of global issues and challenges facing the health and safety of rural peoples in the twenty first century and seeking to bridge gaps that occur between the spectra of basic research, applied research, the community and policy”

Participants gathered in roundtables to discuss a diverse range of topics and themes relating to their line of work.

“The format of roundtables was great because it allowed us as presenters to really have lots of time to engage with the attendees, many of whom where community members,” said Wajuntah. “It was really apparent they’re calling for actual interventions which is what this study is all about.”

Various members of the First Nations Lung Health Project Research Team presented findings from their study, which included 874 adults and 351 children who participated in in a respiratory questionnaire, and 676 adults and 307 children who participated in clinical assessments.

Many participants such as Dr. Malcom King, the Scientific Director of the CIHR Institute for Aboriginal Peoples’ Health and Dr. Wayne Warry, Centre for Rural and Northern Research – Laurentian University, attended the symposium along with community health representatives, FSIN representatives, and other researchers. To view the presenter abstracts please visit the following link.

For more information about IPHRC's presentations at the symposium, please contact: 

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