IPHRC hosted our first open house to celebrate the launch of Transforming Indigenous Health Research... In a Good Way - The Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre 2013-14 Report, and our brand new website iphrc.ca. The open house was from 10:30 AM - 12:30 PM and guests enjoyed snacks, tea and coffee and had a chance to catch-up while browsing through our new report.

We want to thank everyone who helped make our report and new website a success, including Laureen Gatin, Oh!Media/Phoenix Group, and the University of Regina's Printing Services. 

Thanks to all of our friends, partners and supporters who came out to support us. With such a great turnout, we may make it an annual event!

L-R: Dustin Brass, Cassandra Wajuntah, Tarun Katapally, Jo-Ann Episkenew, Benjamin Ironstand, Erin Goodpipe, Julian Robbins, Wendy Whitebear, Jeanelle Mandes, Kaitlyn Froehlich and David Benjoe (missing: Larissa Wahpooseeyan).

For more information about our annual report and the new website, please contact: 

Jeanelle Mandes - IPHRC Research Assistant - KT & Communications 
(306) 337-2437