Jen Billan.jpg IPHRC is proud to announce that one of our Graduate Student Award winners in 2013-14, Jennifer Billan, has successfully defended her Master's thesis. Jennifer says it feels amazing and it wouldn’t have happened without the support she was given.

“The support I’ve received from IPHRC, the university community and from the grandmothers have been really appreciative throughout this project,” she says.

Jennifer’s thesis consisted of research with understandings of identity, health and its connection among Aboriginal grandmothers who are caring for grandchildren. The news keeps getting better for Jennifer, after finding out her thesis was successfully defended, the external examiner and a committee unanimously agreed that her thesis was meritorious for a nomination to be presented at Spring convocation.

“I’m really humbled to be nominated for this award and I didn’t even know these awards existed or that I was even eligible for this nomination so it’s fantastic that my thesis is being recognized at that level,” she says.

Jennifer says the work doesn’t stop here, since as is common with community-based research, the work is ongoing.

“We’re still going to be doing work with the grandmothers and sharing their stories. We hope to present this research to ministries and all levels of government to help inform policies that support grandparent headed families and approach health holistically,” she adds.

Jennifer was supervised by Dr. Carrie Bourassa from the First Nations University of Canada in Regina. 

For more information, please contact: 

Jeanelle Mandes 
IPHRC Research Assistant - KT & Communications
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