Dr. Yvonne Boyer, who completed a Post-Doctoral Fellowship with IPHRC in 2012, released a report along with Peggy Kampouris which revealed that Aboriginal women are "easy prey for human traffickers."

Yvonne Boyer.jpgThe report focuses on trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls in the sex trade which involves methods of recruitment by family and gang members.

According to the report, "the topics of trafficking of Aboriginal women and girls, as well as possible family or gang involvement, have raised debate among Aboriginal people, governments, policy makers, police and Canadians...there are complex issues raised in this report."  

Boyer and Kampouris have contacted 171 organizations and individuals for the study and 76 participated in conducting the interviews starting from October 2013 and February 2014. 

The report has gained a lot of attention from the media where they link the Prime Minister Stephen Harper's refusal for a national inquiry on the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Canada. 

To access the report, please click here: 

http://iphrc.ca/pub/documents/Boyer & Kampouris Report.pdf

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