Dr. Carrie Bourassa Campion Award 2010.jpegDr. Carrie Bourassa (BA Hons. ’95) was recently honoured by Campion College at the University of Regina with a 2010 Alumni of Distinction Award for Professional Achievement. In addition to working as an Associate Professor at the First Nations University of Canada, Dr. Bourassa is also the Nominated Principal Investigator for IPHRC.

The award recognizes alumni who have excelled and distinguished themselves in their profession while demonstrating the values, mission and philosophy of Campion College in their professional and personal actions.

Dr. Bourassa is a leading researcher in the area of Indigenous health and has consistently demonstrated her commitment to the Métis and First Nations community through her community-based research approach. Most recently, the Canadian Foundation of Innovation (CFI) awarded her a $150,000 research grant to build community-based research labs at First Nations University of Canada.

“I honestly didn't think I had a shot at the award,” said Dr. Bourassa.  “I was extremely happy because these labs provide an opportunity to train not only Aboriginal graduate students in community-based health research methods but it also provides space for Aboriginal community members to come to the university and do our work here.”

To learn more about Dr. Bourassa and the other award recipients, visit the Campion College Alumni of Distinction webpage.