An Anthology edited by Renate Eigenbrod, Jo-Ann Episkenew, and Rosanna Deerchild

For almost 100 years, generations of Indigenous people were forcibly removed as children from their families, communities and cultures. They were taken hundreds of miles away to be raised in church-run institutions meant to assimilate them into white mainstream society.

But Canada’s Indian Residential School Era failed on a monumental scale and instead, had devastating effects on Indigenous peoples, still being felt today.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission was established in 2008 to uncover and document thousands of experiences from survivors.

Stories of cultural loss, family breakdowns and horrific abuse have been shared – many for the first time, and even though the last school closed in the 1990’s, the trauma was just beginning.

In an interview with the National Post earlier this year, Judge Murray Sinclair, Chair of the TRC, explains: “Trauma feeds on trauma. Once there is a cycle that’s started of suicides or crime or physical violence, it begins to feed upon itself and passes from generation to generation.”

With the cultural circle now shattered, former Residential School students brought home a new darker cycle, that of addiction, abuse and broken families.

We ask for submissions from inter-generational survivors including stories of rediscovery, reconciliation, resilience, and healing. You can download the call HERE.

While the creative works we want to gather in this volume - ranging from poetry (including song lyrics) to short fiction and creative non-fiction - will be an expression of responses to the legacy of the Residential Schools, they will also document the richness of Indigenous writing by a new generation.

SURVIVING the SURVIVOR asks for original creative writing pieces of up to three poems, or narratives of up to 7,500 words by Indigenous writers from coast to coast to coast, First Nations, Métis and Inuit. We welcome in particular Indigenous language creations (with translation) and also want to encourage submissions in French, again with translation.

Please submit by June 1, 2014 to Renate Eigenbrod, Department of Native Studies, University of Manitoba: