One of IPHRC’s Postdoctoral Fellows, Dr. Julian Robbins, will be moving on to a new position with the University of Guelph. Julian has been with IPHRC last September when he relocated from Ontario. He describes his time in Regina as a warm and welcoming stay and a good place to be.

“It’s been a great experience. I really appreciate the people in this area for allowing me to come in this territory. I felt nothing but welcome since I got here,” he says.

Julian learned a lot at his time at IPHRC, from the process of Canadian Institute Health Research (CIHR) grant writing to putting together a research team. 

“People talk a lot of community-based research but at IPHRC but you can actually see that it’s working. I like to think of it rather than community-based research, it’s almost like community embedded research because it seems IPHRC is embedded within the communities that they work with. That close working relationship is what I see to be a living example of community-based research.”

Julian will be returning to his home territory in southwestern Ontario to work on a research project in partnership with the University of Guelph, the Mohawk College in Hamilton and Six Nations Polytechnical Institute. The research project will be focused on developing culturally relevant supports for Indigenous learners.

 “It’s an exciting position and Guelph is an interesting place because it’s ripe for Indigenous knowledge and Indigenous studies. Right now there are scientists there that are looking to dialogue with Indigenous knowledge holders to create something new and different,” he adds.

When asked what he will miss about leaving Regina, he laughs saying he won’t miss the winters. However, he will miss coming to work everyday and the territory that he shortly called home.

“I will miss the sky the most because it’s really beautiful and just being able to walk down the street and see other Indigenous people, which you don’t as much in Ontario. It’s a nice feeling not to be shocked seeing another Native person walking around. At IPHRC, I’ll miss the people, the working relationships, and the close personal relationships are what I’ll miss the most.”

But Julian isn’t getting rid of IPHRC that easily. He will now be a Research Affiliate of the centre and will continue to be involved in projects.  We all wish him the best of luck in his new endeavour!

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