2013 - 2014 IPHRC Report

Transforming Indigenous Health Research... In a Good Way

Another year has gone by and the Indigenous Peoples' Health Research Centre (IPHRC) is proud to present our latest annual report, Transforming Indigenous Health Research... In a Good Way (2013-14). "In a good way" is a common expression in the Indigenous community that means whatever task we are working on or however we work with one another, we must strive to do so in a positive way with a healthy mind, body and spirit. It is this commitment to doing research in a positive way with a higher calling that sets IPHRC apart from other research centres. Our research is based on reciprocity and respect - two key components of successful relationship building with Indigenous communities. This report is both a symbol of our commitment to reporting back to our communities, researchers and partners, and a means of celebrating the excellent work our team continues to undertake in Indigenous health research.

Since the Centre's creation in 2002 and our report from 2010-2012, it is clear that much has changed at IPHRC and we strive to adapt to the changing landscape of Indigenous health research in a good way. Highlights in this report include celebrating our last round of IPHRC Graduate Student Award winners, as well as providing updates on some of our past projects and introducing our newest ones focused on Aboriginal youth health. More importantly though, this report celebrates the people who make-up IPHRC - our Research Affiliates, staff and community partners. 

Though we have done our best to include as much information as possible about we have accomplished over the past year, we know these stories represent just a small portion of the work our network is doing. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to get in touch with us directly if anything here catches your interest or check us out via social media (Facebook/IPHRC and @IPHRCSask) or our website, all of which we do our best to regularly update. 

We believe this report showcases the best of Indigenous health research in Saskatchewan, which is owed to the strength of our researchers, students and communities. In addition to learning more about what we do, we hope you enjoy learning more about who we are. Enjoy!



Prof. Jo-Ann Episkenew, Ph.D., Director

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